Sesderma K-VIT Anti-Dark Circle Serum


Prevention and removal of dark circles and problems associated with skin aging in the eye contour area.

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The skin in the eye contour area is the most delicate, fragile skin on the face. It is a highly vascularized area where blood pigments (haemosiderin) build-up, causing the purple color characteristic of dark circles. K-VIT Serum, thanks to its composition featuring Vitamin K oxide encapsulated in liposomes, reduces the build-up of these blood pigments to improve the appearance of the dark circles. Its formula also contains plant-based active ingredients, camphanediol, pinanediol, hyaluronic acid, and organic silica to improve microcirculation in the area and help to correct the signs of aging in the eye contour area, such as bags and wrinkles.

Apply to the affected area 1-2 times a day with a gentle massage. Preventive treatment starts applying a week before a surgical or cosmetic procedure (1-2 times daily). For visible capillaries on the face: use as a permanent base.

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