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Your eyebrows frame the eyes and highlight your best features. This Eyebrow Kit contains all the products you need to create perfectly groomed brows.

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This ready-to-go Eyebrow Kit contains all the ingredients for the perfect eyebrow. You will find the; Brow Powder, Highlighter Eyeshadow, 4 Brow Stencils, Tweezer and Brow & Highlighter Brush. In a jiffy you have everything together and you can use the stencils to experiment with different shapes for your eyebrow. This Professional Eyebrow Kit is available in 2 versions; blond and dark, and also includes a “how to” step-by-step guide.

When your eyebrows are not yet plucked;
Draw your eyebrow in shape with the eyebrow powder, possibly using one of the stencils. Hair that is not colored does nothing for your eyebrow and you can therefore epilate. With a short vigorous movement, pull the eyebrow hairs away in the direction of hair growth. It is best to do this in the evening and then thoroughly clean your skin. At night you let your skin relax.

When your eyebrows have already been epilated;
Keep the desired shape with tweezers (Tweezer) by epilating new eyebrow hairs. Do this for the best result in the evening.

Tip: When epilating from the “loose hand”, proceed very carefully. Every hair can make a big difference.

Use the eyebrow brush (the obliquely cut edge) and possibly one of the stencils to get your eyebrow in the desired shape and color. For a subtle result, apply the eyebrow powder dry. You can also use the powder wet for a fuller color and a stronger line. Apply the highlight with the other side of the brush, just below the eyebrow. This makes your eyebrow stand out even better and it immediately gives a lifting effect



  • All you need in one kit
  • Ideal to take with you
  • including How to manual
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