GLAM 3D Color Powder


Glam Neon Yellow Color 3D Powder is used to create 3D nail effects. To make 3D art, it must be combined with acrylic powder or monomer and specialist 3D brushes. With just one glance, Glam 3D Colour Powders will put a stop to traffic and your competition. There are ten distinct colours to choose from. Uniquely it’s a tiny pigment colour powder that creates a clean, vivid 3D effect on nails. Even when applied very thinly, there are no clumps of colour, additionally making it ideal for blending into other colours or fading out to transparent.

How to use:-
1. Apply your preferred gel polish and cure it with a UV/LED lamp.
2. Finally, apply the top coat and cure it with a UV/LED lamp.
3. Use a smoothening buffer to buff the entire finger nail.
4. Using a 3D Acrylic brush, pick up the 3D Colour Powder and make 3D art.
5. Finally, seal the artwork with a top coat and cure it with a UV/LED lamp.

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