Earthi Kumkumadi Oil Face Sheet Mask


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Kumkumadi Oil Face Sheet Mask is an ayurvedic formulation made with saffron, also known as kumkum, and other potent ingredients that give your skin a glow, help improve the complexion and texture of the skin as well as minimize acne and scarring.


For the first time ever, Earthi brings the pinnacle of ayurvedic skincare in the form of a face sheet mask. The spunlace fabric has 3 dimensional random occuring pores that hold 10 times its weight in liquids which allow more oil to penetrate into the skin.


The Kumkumadi oil contains 27 organic ingredients that are highly beneficial to the skin individually itself. They are sourced from the best of places and extracted in a unique manner that retains all of its goodness.


The kumkumadi oil, refined over centuries, can redefine your skin and amplify your beauty. Its penetrating formula, enhanced with the sheet mask format, allows deep absorption and moisturization. It evens out skin texture, smoothens fine lines and gives an overall glow to the face.

Generally Oils are more draggy in nature hence direct application of Kumkumadi oil by using hands can lead to uneven application of oil over the face whereas face sheet covers the entire portion of the face which helps to provide uniform application of Kumkumadi oil on the face. – With direct application, one can not control the amount of Oil required to deliver desired skin benefits. This can be avoided by using oil impregnated face sheet where a specific dosage of oil is evenly distributed in the face sheet thereby applying face sheet on the face will help deliver appropriate quantity of oil on each skin cells. – Face sheet are occlusive type hence prevents drying & quick evaporation of the product from the skin thereby extends the time frame ingredients required to penetrate deep into the skin and deliver benefits of Kumkumadi oil to skin. – Exfoliation helps deep clean your skin by unclogging your pores. In opened Pores, mask lock moisture and lotion / serum in the Sheet mask helps to expose fresh and new skin cells that are all ready to absorb to the skin by applying sheet mask for longer time. – Face sheets are easy to use & less messy hence provide more comfort in application. Thus face sheet impregned with Kumkumadi oil provides quick skin benefits like Glowing complexion & even skin tone, smooth fine lines, brightening dull skin etc. Based on this we are recommending the Points – Helps even distribution on the area of application – Controlled application for best results. – Prevents quick evaporation and allows deep penetration. – Best results through more contact time . – Convenient to use /Apply.






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