Ultra Glitter Gel

    • GLAM Ultra Glitter


      Glitter like you’ve never seen before! Glam Ultra Glitter Dull Gold is a highly pigmented gel that contains micro glitter particles. It’s used to make gorgeous nail art designs after applying extensions or gel polish to a specific nail to accentuate it. It can be used on natural, artificial, and extension nails. It’s a high-gloss colour gel that glides on smoothly and lasts up to two weeks without chipping, damaging your nails, or yellowing.

      How to use –
      1. Apply and cure gel polish.
      2. Dip a nail art brush into the glitter gel.
      3. Remove it from the package and use it to create the appropriate patterns on your nails.
      4. Use a UV/LED lamp to cure the Glam Top Coat.

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